Union Now leverages the collective purchasing power of your organization to provide discounted insurance products, financial services, real estate services, legal services, higher education discounts, and member loyalty discounts programs to your membership. We are able to provide significant cost-savings on many products and services that will be well received by your members as they are already using and buying similiar products and services without the cost-savings.

Union Now will work with you to determine your member’s unique needs and requirements. We will put together a customized proposal of the best benefits and savings programs available to meet the specific needs of your members while providing them with significant cost-savings at the same time. Many of our benefits partners will even pay the costs to promote and market the benefits and savings programs you select for your members.

Discounted Insurance Products

Discounted insurance products administered by Union Now will put your union at the forefront of providing custom progressive benefits to your members. Discounted Home, Automotive, Renters, and Life insurance products are the cornerstone of our insurance offerings. Our insurance carriers will even pay the marketing costs to educate your members about these products. Union Now also offers Health Insurance, Pet Insurance, Critical Illness, Dental, Vision, and RX Discount Cards.

Union Now only works with A Rated insurance companies. We are experts in this space having worked with all the major insurance carriers and we have the experience to find the right program and manage it day and night to support your members.

Financial Services

Union Now can offer your union a branded credit card / debit card, member checking and savings accounts which will allow you to enhance member loyalty. Union Now will develop customized financial services that truly reflect the financial needs and requirements of your members. Union Now offers you expertise in the evolving banking industry and can put your union branded credit card and checking debit card in the front of your member’s wallet.

Real Estate Services

Buying and moving into a new home can be very stressful, expensive, and extremely time-consuming. Union Now can provide your members with a simple and affordable one-stop resource for everything they need to buy, sell, and finance their home.

Home Buying and Selling Assistance

Over 10,000 experienced national realtors ready to assist your members with their home buying and selling needs. All real estate agents are prescreened and hand selected to ensure your members work with only the best and most experienced realtors. Members will also receive cash back based on the home value when they buy or sell a home through one of the national realtors in the 10,000+ network.

Mortgage Services

Union Now provides both new home and refinance nationwide mortgage solutions and has dedicated counselors ready to provide guidance to your members to ensure they understand and select the right mortgage product. Union Now works with the leading lenders in order to ensure your members receive the best rates and lowest closing costs. Members will experience Fast approvals and minimal paperwork to simplify the mortgage experience and we receive special closing cost rewards.

We are pleased to offer the government funded Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) to members that have been unable to refinance their homes in the past due to having little or no equity in their homes and/or low FICO scores preventing them from qualifying. The lower FICO scores and no equity requirements of the HARP mortgage program will allow your members to save $100’s of dollars a month by refinancing their homes today.

Moving Services

Union Now has partnered with the nation’s leading full service moving brands ensuring your members receive the lowest cost and a hassle-free moving experience. For those members who decide to move themselves we can provide discounts on moving truck rentals, helpful moving tips and planning tools.

Automotive Buying Program

The Union Now Auto Buying Program is the easiest way for your members to get a great deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle and without the stress and hassles that can be associated with purchasing or leasing an automobile. Members receive up-front, no-haggle, guaranteed low pricing on the vehicles of their choice and also receive special purchase incentives on pre-owned vehicles.

A select group of automotive dealers have been chosen to participate in the Auto Buying Program because of their wide selection of vehicles, their willingness to give a low, no-hassle, no-haggle prices, and their reputation of providing exceptional customer service. Union Now is confident that the automotive dealers selected to participate in the Auto Buying Program will provide your members with an enjoyable buying experience.

Automotive Financing

Union Now can provide union members with discounted financing for their new or existing vehicle. The Union Now Auto financing program can assist union members with excellent credit scores, bad credit scores, and members with no credit history. Whatever the case may be, the Union Now auto financing program can find a way to finance the union member’s automotive loan.

Workers’ Compensation/Legal Representation

With the Union Now Workers’ Compensation Legal Plan benefit, no member who has been injured on the job should ever be without representation. In most states, employers are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits for any employee who is injured on the job. You must report your injury or condition to your employer, and your employer must then submit a workers’ compensation claim to the insurance company. Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side can greatly increase the chance that you will receive the money you need to take care of your medical bills when you are unable to work.

The Union Now Workers’ Compensation Legal Plan benefit assists members when they suffer a bona fide on-the-job injury. The benefit will provide an attorney to the member for the purpose of obtaining medically necessary treatment, where treatment has thus far been denied. Union Now’s network attorneys will also assist when the member has received a judicial or administrative denial of medical care or treatment. The benefit will pay attorney fees in order to appeal that denial, as well as court filing fees, and other reasonable and necessary costs associated with representation. If a Union Now’s network attorneys is unable to represent a member who has suffered an on-the-job injury on a contingency fee basis, the plan will provide an attorney free of charge for the purposes of getting the member medical care they have been denied.

Member Lifestyle Discounts

Innovative lifestyle discounts program offers discounts on the goods and services union members trust and use every day. There are also Daily Deals from both national and local merchants plus members can download an Android and iPhone App to their smart phone to receive discounts in real-time. This lifestyle discount program is a great way to put money back in union member’s pockets.

TeleHealth Medical Services

Union Now offers this extraordinary supplemental medical benefit that gives you 24/7/365  access to US Board Certified Doctors specializing in  Family, Emergency Room, Internal, Pediatric and Gynecology Medicine.

Doctors are available throughout the United States with na average response time of 15 minutes and guaranteed within the hour without any consultation fee co-pay or paper work.

To learn more contact us or click the link below to access the program.

Fitness by Elena

A free health and fitness platform offered by Union Now and one of the top fitness expert supermodels in the world — Elena Romanova who will be competing in Miss Fitness World Competition in Las Vegas Nevada.

This program helps enhance and improve you mental and physical well being with videos and tutorials that you can access from the comfort of your own home, Elena will walk you through routines and exercises that will help you on your way to great health.

This program will be available soon, check back for more details or contact us for more information