Progressive Benefits and Savings Programs for Today’s Groups, Unions & Associations

James R. Flanagan

President & CEO
Union Now

Union Now recognizes that today more than ever, groups, unions and associations need to provide their members with unique and innovative benefits and savings programs.

Union Now can provide your group with progressive, unique and customized:

  • Supplemental Health Insurance
  • Insurance Products
  • Real Estate Services
  • Financial Services
  • Member Discount Programs
  • Educational Programs
  • and More…

Union Now will work with your group, union or association to develop, implement, and manage these progressive customized benefits and savings programs specific to the needs and requirements of your members. By leveraging the collective purchasing power of your organization, we are able to provide these types of unique benefits and savings programs with unparalleled cost savings to your members.

Union Now is the largest, fastest growing private provider of benefits and savings programs to group, union or association members in America. Union Now is dedicated to continually offer the new and innovative benefits and savings programs members need, want, and deserve.

GROUP, UNION & ASSOCIATION LEADERS: Contact Us today to learn how your organization can provide progressive benefits and programs for your members.


Union Now is endorsed by some of the greatest unions and organizations in the country.

We are grateful for these relationships and take our commitment to their members very seriously.

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