South Carolina Communities Action Network
South Carolina Communities Action Network

Discounted  Benefits for South Carolina Groups, Unions and their Families

New Partnership

Donna Dewitt’s South Carolina Communities Action Network and Union Now have joined forces to provide discounted benefits to Groups and Union Members throughout South Carolina.

By leveraging the collective purchasing power of your organization, we are able to provide these types of unique benefits and savings programs with unparalleled cost savings to your members.

Union Now is the largest, fastest growing private provider of benefits and savings programs to group, union or association members in America. Union Now is dedicated to continually offer the new and innovative benefits and savings programs members need, want, and deserve.


Mortgage Services

We partnered with Xpert Home Lending to offer discounted Home Mortgage Services. Everything from new home purchases to reverse mortgages. We are full service, licensed and insured.

Employee Retention Credit

We partnered with Omega Solutions to offer this refundable government tax credit that allowed employers to continue to pay staff working during the worst of COVID-19. Union Now can now help you collect your tax credit —Receive up to $26K per Employee!

South Carolina Communities Action Network
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