In my 59 years in the labor movement, the best service provider I ever encountered was Jim Flanagan. The work Jim did in raising 3 million dollars within 30 days during the 2005 UFCW grocery strike, allowed us to stay alive during critical negotiations and save over 70,000 jobs.

For this reason, my personal friendship and work he has done for my members, I am proud to recommend Union Now and am confident that they can help with your benefits needs.

RIck Icza

President Local UFCW 770, President L.A. Federation of Labor and I.V.P. UFCW

The work Jim did for Teamsters Joint Council 42, Hollywood Unions, ITSEA, SAG/AFTRA, Plumbers, IBEW, DGA, Cinematographers, and the Musicians Unions in offering mortgage real estate and insurance discounts was instrumental in the growth and advancement of these organizations.

I also must mention the charitable work and fundraising efforts that Jim spearheaded, through golf tournaments and other events. These events raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, helped our communities and furthered the union cause.

I cannot recommend Jim and Union Now enough, he is honest, reliable, trustworhty and a life-long friend.

Anthony Cousimano

Former President, Teamsters Local 399, International V.P.

I am proud to be a friend and an advocate for Jim Flanagan and Union Now.

Jim, in his 31 years of providing discounted benefits has brought new and unique programs to help union members and their families.

Jim’s character, honesty and hard work is a breath of fresh air to the labor movement.

I am proud to serve and help in his causes and endevors

Maria Elena Durazo

Former Executive Director, L.A. County Federation of Labor

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